How Seniors Can Stay Active in the Winter

how seniors can stay active in the winter

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but staying active is so delightful! Even though the winter months have settled in, it shouldn’t keep you from being healthy! Staying active throughout the year is important to anyone’s fitness, especially when you become older. Here are some tips for you this winter that you may not have thought of, and that can also be fun!

Indoor Gym Activities/Classes

This is the most common of choices, but one that is very important. Try walking on the treadmill, low weight exercises, or swimming for solo exercise. If you want a little more variety, try joining a few classes! Fitness centers often hold additional classes in the colder months.  Zumba and other types of dancing classes are easy ways to get your body moving and having a lot of fun!


An activity that keeps you active without realizing it. While it may be more expensive than a gym membership, heading out to the mall and walking for a few hours can help raise your heart rate and keep up your metabolism. Also, try taking the stairs instead of the elevators, or even the escalator and walking up a few levels. The walkways will be far less hazardous than walking around the block, and you can get your errands done!

Work Out at Home

Venturing out into questionable weather is never a good idea. If the pathways are covered in white, you should try to maintain your activity level while in the warm comfort and safety of your home. There are many ways to achieve this. One way is to do aerobics in the living room! Throw on some of your favorite music and dance a bit! Try walking in place or no-weight squats.


Doing things around the house is a very satisfying way to keep your body active while being stuck inside, and it makes you feel accomplished. Cleaning gets you on your feet and you can quickly reach a high number of steps making sure everything is in proper order. Also, cooking and baking are nice ways to pass the time and keep up your activity level.

These simple tips are just some small changes you can make to your winter behavior to help keep you moving. Staying active throughout the year, regardless of the weather, is essential to maintaining your health. Whether it is at the gym, at home, or in public, it’s important to be doing something!


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