Our Mission

The Christian Village Communities is a faith retirement community. Our mission is to guide older adults to joyful and purposeful life experiences in a faith-filled community.

Care is at the heart and soul of everything we do. We are devoted to maintaining the highest standards of expertise and service in health and wellness. We are committed to serving each person as though they were our own family with love, compassion and excellence.

Our parent company, CBA, is guided by its mission of Serving With Excellence, Reflecting Jesus’ Compassion.


CVC Values

We firmly believe in nurturing a culture of care, which makes living at The Christian Village at Mason or The Christian Village at Mt. Healthy truly joyful and special. Our approach makes all the difference — it is grounded in compassionate service and our Core Values.

We do things the RITE way:

Respect: Appreciating all people, their work and their ideas.
Integrity: Being honest, ethical and accountable.
Teamwork: Leveraging collective abilities to achieve our goals.
Excellence: Leading in quality through service, expertise and innovation.

Service From the Heart is our guidepost for making a meaningful difference to each of our residents, and is what we strive for, every day.

  • Actively listen with your ears and your heart.
  • Address the whole person, and customize your approach to meet their needs.
  • Be generous with your time and your gifts.
  • Be a part of the positive and engaging atmosphere.
  • Devote time to your own improvement.