Serving Older Adults for Over 50 Years

The parent company for The Christian Village Communities is the Christian Benevolent Association (CBA) of Greater Cincinnati, Inc. CBA was founded in 1960 by the Stone-Campbell (Restoration) Movement independent Christian Churches and Churches of Christ, originally formed to serve retired ministers and members of those congregations. Our mission of service has stayed consistent, as we joyfully welcome older adults from all backgrounds and faiths.

CBA’s current role is to provide oversight for The Christian Village Communities, and to manage the CBA Foundation, the charitable, nonprofit organization funded by donations from individuals, churches and other organizations. The foundation provides subsidy dollars for residents who qualify and for other causes that support the core mission of CBA.

For more information about the CBA Foundation, contact Larry Monroe, President and CEO at [email protected] or by phone at 513-701-3435.

To schedule a CBA Foundation representative to speak at your church or community organization, contact Amie Kocher at [email protected] or 513-701-3448.