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Faithful through the Ages

Christian Benevolent Association Foundation (CBAF) has a rich history of aiding people in their time of greatest need.  You can learn more about the history and enduring mission that has defined the Christian Benevolent Association over the years by visiting

For over 60 years, we have been dedicated to providing services that enhance the well-being of each resident through our circle of care, from Independent Living to Hospice Care, including healthcare residents whose funds become insufficient to cover their basic cost of housing. Through the generosity of our donors, we can continue to faithfully serve residents at The Christian Village at Mason and The Christian Village at Mt Healthy by providing compassionate care to those in need.

“A promise was kept by the CBA Foundation when I ran out of funds and was granted a subsidy. If it wasn’t for Christian Village Communities or CBAF, I wouldn’t have a place to live. I’m thankful to CVC for providing me with my home for all these wonderful years.”

Peggy – The Christian Village at Mt Healthy Resident

Impact of Your Gift to Christian Village Communities

Providing for Christian Leaders

When financial resources dwindle for retired Christian leaders, our ministry provides a welcoming home after a lifetime of dedicated service on the mission field. 

Preserving Dignity

Qualifying residents facing financial hardship may continue receiving our dedicated, Christian care. Since its inception, CVC has never asked a resident to leave due to finances.

Staff Support

Provide access to staff training and education initiatives, as well as offer critical assistance to team members facing financial hardships, fostering their well-being and dedication.

How to Give

Whether you’re considering a one-time gift, contributing a day of care for one of our residents, or planning a lasting legacy that will impact generations, we have a variety of ways for you to make a difference. Your support fuels our mission and helps us continue our vital work.

Explore Planned Giving/Gift Options

Make an immediate impact by supporting our mission with the convenience of cash, checks, EFTs, or credit card donations today.

Elevate your impact through recurring gifts, ensuring sustained support for our mission with the convenience of automated contributions. Start your recurring gift today through the donation form below.

In place of receiving taxable income from a tax-deferred investment account, an IRA for example, you may transfer funds directly to the CVC. If you have reached RMD (required minimum distribution) age, you may want to consider donating this income to satisfy the IRS requirement. An annual limit of $100,000 is allowed and a QCD will not count as taxable income.

Give more to CVC and less to taxes! By donating an appreciated publicly traded security, we will receive your shares, liquidate them, and apply the proceeds to the work of the mission. An income tax charitable deduction, based on the fair market value of the security, may be claimed and, if shares are owned one year or more, potential capital gains taxes may be avoided.

Give more by designating CVC as a beneficiary of your IRA, 401(k), 403 (b), or other retirement account. This planned giving option allows a maximized gift to pass to CVC while providing potential estate tax savings.

Make a lasting impact by designating CVC as a beneficiary of your life insurance policies or annuity contracts. By planning your giving in this efficient way, you can provide a gift that makes a tremendous impact, especially when these products are fully funded and there are no other needs for the proceeds.

By “deeding” real estate to CVC, a charitable deduction for the value of the property is received. These planned gifts are an excellent avenue for those who face significant capital gains taxes or for those looking to simplify the estate process.

Not sure what to do with that Van Gogh painting or that Mickey Mantle rookie card? Transfer these items to CVC and you can receive a tax deduction and avoid potential capital gains taxes on any appreciation. Items will be sold, and proceeds will be utilized for the various missions of CVC.

By including a bequest to CVC in your last will or living trust, you can potentially make a great impact through your legacy. This avenue of planned giving allows you to bless the CVC without immediately liquidating assets you may need to spend on other expenses. Supplemental updates or changes to wills and trusts are relatively simple and, in some cases, may reduce estate taxes. These gifts ensure the lasting impact of our foundation.

There are many ways you can help support the people, projects, and ministry of Christian Village Communities. Please explore the information above to find an option that is right for you, and contact us if you’d like to learn more.

*This is for informational purposes only. Please contact your estate attorneys, financial advisors, or accountants for personalized guidance for your financial situation.

Jeff Bradley

Vice President of Development [email protected]

Barbara Nicholas

Development Assistant [email protected]

Make a Difference Today

Provide a Radiant Future for the Seniors of Christian Village Communities

We invite you to make your online donation, or gifts can be made by check (payable to Christian Village Communities) and mailed to 411 Western Row Rd., Mason, OH 45040.

We believe that every added year of life presents a precious opportunity for our residents. Yet, as their resources deplete, they face an unsettling prospect. At CVC, we’re rewriting their story, ensuring they have the opportunity to remain in their communities without the burden of financial constraints. We uphold our mission of compassionate care, and with your support, provide seniors a loving home and top-notch care in the face of financial hardship.

Give today to ensure seniors’ dignified and joyful lives, no matter their financial constraints. Your contribution makes a vital investment in their well-being and supports our Christian continuum of care. Help secure their future and create a lasting legacy of care and companionship. Support our mission today and make a profound difference in seniors’ lives.

At the CVC, charitable gifts are used wherever they are needed most at the discretion of the foundation. Your generosity can help us utilize these funds to best serve our residents while maintaining our mission of providing exceptional care.

Gifts designated for our Endowment are invested with other long-term gifts to be used for preserving the legacy and mission of the CVC. The Radiant Collective, our planned giving society, focuses primarily on estate and planned gifts that sustain the brilliant hope of the ministry. Learn more about our legacy giving program at

Gifts designated for our Compassionate Care program are earmarked for qualifying residents who, through no fault of their own, have outlived their resources. Since the inception of CVC, no resident has been asked to leave due to the exhaustion of finances. With the help and generosity of our donors and partners, we pray that the foundation will always have the resources to meet these needs!

At Christian Village Hospice, our goal is to focus on comfort and quality of life for our residents with life-limiting illnesses and to provide Christian, comprehensive care to the terminally ill and support for their families and caregivers.

When you support our mission, we can continue supporting our residents and their loved ones during this challenging time through a variety of services like 24/7 Heartfelt Care and Grief Counseling.

Christian Village Communities continues to thrive and grow. During times of expansion or enhancement, a capital campaign may be needed to fully fund a specific need or building project. The ongoing improvement of our facilities provides a greater retirement experience and an increased quality of life for our residents.