What are the benefits of a not-for-profit community?

As you go through the discovery and decision-making process of choosing your next home, there is an important distinction to consider – the structure and mission of the parent organization.

The Christian Village Communities is a not-for-profit company that has its origins in serving retired ministers and congregations of several area churches (see our History). As a not-for-profit organization, our focus remains on our Mission to guide older adults to joyful and purposeful life experiences in a faith-filled community. Our beliefs are captured in our Values and our Service From the Heart approach.

As a business, we remain financially responsible and operate efficiently and with purpose. As a not-for-profit structure, we have the ability to invest profits back into the community to directly and immediately improve the quality of life for everyone.

We are able to support our residents more fully with better staffing ratios, allowing us to deliver on our promise of individualized attention and care. Our board is governed by volunteers with considerable expertise, local ties and a commitment to caring for the needs of older adults.

By comparison, for-profit facilities are often driven by the bottom line and pressures to meet specific revenue requirements, higher occupancy rates and streamlined costs on staffing, food and activities. This emphasis, in our opinion, takes away from keeping you at the center, and puts unneeded stress into the system. Some for-profit organizations may be managed by larger or national chains, and have lower investment in understanding local communities.

In a nutshell, the choice is up to you. These differences don’t mean that it’s always best to choose a not-for-profit community over a for-profit one. Instead, it’s an important piece of the puzzle as you select a community. Make sure you interview the top administrator, the director of nursing, the activities director and aides to see if they are all on the same page for quality of care, comfort and safety of residents.

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