Honoring Christian Leadership and Service Through our Night of Stars

When we hire a new team member, we try to get a read on the heart of the individual. Is there evidence that they are compassionate in the way they deal with and regard others? The ability to learn the tasks and duties associated with a job is not the most important factor in employee success. The most important factor is the ability to live out the heart and soul of our mission, to guide older adults to joyful and purposeful life experiences, in the execution of those duties. To treat people in ways that truly demonstrate that we care. 

The Night of Stars was conceived out of our deep appreciation for our team, plain and simple. The event celebrates nine teammates for their extraordinary service and dedication in support of the mission of Christian Village Communities.

We encourage you to watch each of the honoree videos below to learn about their experience and why they are being recognized as one of our stars! If you would like to give a donation in honor of one of our 2022 or 2023 NOS Honorees, click here.

2023 Honorees

  • Donna Atkins (STNA)
  • Mary Brown (Social Services)
  • Bonnie Collins (Housekeeping)
  • Jacqueline Prater (LPN)
  • Michelle Shuck (Housekeeping)
  • Penda Sow (STNA)
  • Hattie Sprawl (LPN)
  • Flora Vincent (LPN)
  • Brittany Williams (STNA)

Donna Atkins, STNA

Mary Brown

Bonnie Collins

Jacqueline Prater, LPN

Michelle Shuck

Hattie Sprawl, LPN

Penda Sow, STNA

Flora Vincent, LPN

Brittany Williams, STNA

2022 Honorees

  • Tammy Flint (Housekeeping)
  • Sherrie Grubb (Social Services)
  • Alperina Hellan (Dietary)
  • Sue Jones (STNA)
  • Jasmine Lishey (STNA)
  • Rozina Malik (Life Enrichment)
  • Inez Padmore (Dietary)
  • Jay Puckett (Maintenance)
  • Angie Schwartz (STNA)
  • Rebecca Sergent (STNA)

If you’re interested in joining our caring and compassionate team, we encourage you to look through our career opportunities at The Christian Village at Mason or The Christian Village at Mt. Healthy.

Visit our careers page to see our current job openings and learn more about the many benefits of working for Christian Village Communities.