Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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Benefits of Living in a Retirement Community

When deciding where to live during your retirement years, the options seem endless and can be overwhelming.

  • Do you stay in the home you have lived in for years and already own?
  • Should you downsize and rent?
  • Do you move to a retirement community?

Retirement communities are a great place to live, but some people have the misconception that they do not feel like home. The truth is, retirement communities of today are far different from the institutions they once were!

Today, they offer great amenities. Many have independent living options, which are often single story homes. Some offer a full continuum of care including assisted living, memory care, and nursing care.

Five benefits of living in a retirement community

One of the advantages of retirement community living is the sense of security it offers. Knowing help is nearby if an emergency arises many residents and family members peace of mind.

These communities allow residents to keep up social interactions they often lose as they age. Below, we have compiled a list of the top five advantages to living in a retirement community.

Social Connections

It is easy to make new friends when you live in a retirement community! When you reach a certain age, making new friends can be difficult because you are not always in a social setting and can become isolated from those in your age group. At a retirement community, you live near those who are the same age and share the same interests.

Activities Calendar

Residing in a retirement community will offer you many opportunities to stay connected to activities and hobbies you love, and allow you to try new ones.

Some activities could include group outings to local sporting and theater events, museums, festivals, game nights, extended group trips, ice cream socials, concerts and more.

Maintenance Free Living

Living in a retirement community means that, you will not have to worry about indoor and outdoor maintenance. This includes mowing the lawn, shoveling the driveway or fixing any unexpected problems that may arise inside or outside the home.

Community Amenities

In a retirement community, you have access to many great amenities similar to those of a resort. They often have workout facilities, walking paths, media centers, wellness programs and much more community-specific amenities. The best part of living in a community is that you do not have to maintain the workout facility and walking paths!

Assistance when needed 

Many retirement communities offer medical services to all residents, not just those residing in assisted living. They have medical staff on location 24- hours a day, in case an emergency arises, and most communities offer a 24-hour emergency call system even in independent living. Knowing help is just a short distance away gives peace of mind to residents and their families.

More Information

If you are looking for a full continuum of care retirement community in the Greater Cincinnati area, be sure to schedule a tour of our community. The Christian Village at Mason is dedicated to helping our residents stay healthy and happy. Visit our website or on social media at Facebook or Twitter for continued updates.


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