Have Fun & Train Your Brain

train your brain by doing these 5 things

Games have always been a fun way to connect with family and friends. But now games can play an even more important role in your life.

Just as exercising helps keep your body fit, games can train your brain. Engaging, challenging activities boost blood flow to the brain and help fight off the effects of aging. While all games can give you a boost of happiness, there are certain ones that will give your brain the most bang for the buck.


Playing this word game with friends will keep your brain cells firing, but it also reduces stress and anxiety. Scrabble helps maintain analytical thinking and enhances vocabulary. Plus, the concentration needed to puzzle through the different word options puts the brain into a meditative state similar to yoga.

Triple-Word Bonus

Don’t play Scrabble too close to going to bed because your brain will stay in a puzzle state for an hour or two afterwards, making it hard to go to sleep.


This classic two-player game has so many positive effects on the brain. It exercises both the right and left side of your brain, increases creativity, improves your memory and concentration, and can help prevent Alzheimer’s. If you want even more of a challenge, give 3D chess a try!


All puzzles – tabletop puzzles, crosswords and Sudoku – challenge your brain and keep it fit. They are also so easy to slip into your daily routine: You can do a morning crossword at the breakfast table. You can complete another Sudoku puzzle as an afternoon break. And you can always keep working on 500 or 1,000-piece puzzles with friends and family.

Studies have shown that seniors who regularly worked these types of puzzles were less likely to develop Alzheimer’s. There are also more benefits than just prevention. People with Alzheimer’s or dementia have shown increased brain activity when trying to solve a puzzle.

Strategy Board Games

Pick a classic game like Monopoly or Risk, or branch out and try a new game like Ticket to Ride or Chronology. These games help build and maintain logical thinking, decision-making skills and memory.

Now’s the perfect time to put on your “game face.” Find or rediscover the games that you really enjoy playing so you can have fun…and train your brain along the way.

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