How to Keep the Dream in Your Dream Vacation

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Now that there’s a nip in the air and the prospect of snow, sleet and ice in our future, it’s the perfect time to dream about your next vacation. Imagine cruising around the Caribbean, enjoying an all-inclusive resort in Hawaii or relaxing at a condo on the Gulf Coast.

And while you may want to go south for vacation, you’d rather not have plans go south. Here are some suggestions to make traveling much more enjoyable and much less stressful.

Request Any Special Services

To fly to your dream vacation, take a few additional moments to make your trip a lot easier:

  • Request seat assignments on the aisle for more comfort or in rows designated for disabled travelers, if needed.
  • Take advantage of golf cart or wheelchair transportation at all your departure, connection and arrival airports by calling your airline after making reservations.

Pack Lightly and Efficiently

To help navigate airport crowds and get through security, try to pack everything in one roll-on suitcase plus a smaller carry-on bag. To save time and steps after landing, don’t check your roll-on suitcase. Flight attendants will be on-hand to lift your bags into the overhead bins.

The Transportation Security Administration allows pill and solid-form medication in unlimited amounts if medications are placed in a one-quart freezer bag and screened. Liquid medication more than 3.4 ounces is allowed if it’s a reasonable quantity for the flight. But tell the officer at the first screening checkpoint as additional screening is necessary for any liquids.

Think Safety and Comfort

You may want to consider a few small purchases that make traveling safer and more comfortable. To avoid theft in airports and at your destination, you can carry your money and credit cards in passage-style wallet on a neck cord. Having a travel pillow that supports your neck and head while flying may prevent neck cricks and help you sleep during your flight.

All of us at The Christian Village at Mason wish you a wonderful, dream-fulfilling vacation, and we look forward to seeing your photos afterward.

Dream Big!

If you’re looking for a tour with appealing attractions and good value, SmarterTravel recommends these senior-friendly tour operators:

  1. Road Scholar
  2. Grand Circle Travel
  3. Collette Vacations
  4. YMT Vacations

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