When is it time to move to The Christian Village at Mason?

Tour the Garden Homes at The Christian Village at Mason for a place you can call home

There comes a point when you want to simplify, simplify, simplify. Instead of taking care of so many weekly tasks, you hope to enjoy more time with family and friends.

There are several signs that it’s time to research other living options and discover another place that feels just like home.

  • Physical and mental changes – difficulty going up stairs or moving around the house, forgetfulness in taking medicine, weight loss
  • Less interest in household responsibilities – more difficulty doing outside chores and keeping up with regular maintenance issues
  • More isolated – harder to see friends their own age

If you or your loved one is experiencing any of these signs, joining us at our beautiful, lakeside campus may be just the right move. We can take care of the everyday tasks so you can enjoy your time every day.

At The Christian Villages at Mason, we offer a wide variety of living options that fit your needs:

Our Garden Homes

Our Garden Homes offer an independent living style enhanced with the security of a 24-hour emergency call system. In the Garden Homes, residents can enjoy spending time with friends and the activities of the Village while forgetting the hassles of lawn care or snow removal. In addition, The Christian Village at Mason will take care of any maintenance or repair needs. Even better yet, all Garden Homes have single-story convenience for the safety of the residents.

Our Assisted Living Garden Apartments

In an Assisted Living Garden Apartment, we lift the cooking and grocery shopping chores off the resident’s shoulders. For this style of living, we serve three meals a day. In addition, residents receive daily housekeeping and medication administration. Family also feel secure knowing there’s a 24-hour emergency call system as well as 24/7 care by nurse and state-tested nursing assistants (STNAs).

In our Assisted Living arrangements, every resident has their own space and bathroom, and shares the living room quarters and eating space with the other friendly apartment residents.

We also offer memory support services and long-term nursing care. For more information, visit our website and schedule a tour at your convenience.

For More Information

At The Christian Village at Mason, we’re dedicated to helping our residents stay healthy and happy. Visit our website or our social media at Facebook or Twitter for continued updates.


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