The Top 3 Benefits of Volunteering as a Senior

volunteer as a senior

Now’s the time to have some senior moments ?  moments where you take your collective experience and wisdom and share it with others.

Volunteering your time helps strengthen your community, but it also provides you with important emotional and physical health benefits, such as:

1. A Sense of Purpose

We all want to feel like we’re making a difference. Volunteering gives structure to your day, offers an activity to look forward to, and provides a great way to help people in your community.

2. Health Benefits

The physical and mental health benefits resulting from volunteering are proven and wide ranging:

  • Increases cardiovascular function and improves flexibility and strength, slowing or reducing the effects of arthritis or other chronic conditions
  • Prevents or slows memory loss and planning function
  • Reduces or prevents depression

3. Social Networking

There are many social events right here at The Christian Village at Mason to enjoy with your neighbors. Adding volunteering is a great way to expand your circle of friends and acquaintances.


Mason volunteer opportunities

It’s important to match your personal passion with your volunteering efforts. If you’re looking for places to volunteer, here are a few Mason organizations to research and consider helping. Recruit a friend and make twice as much impact on your community!


More Information

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