The Top 5 Myths of Retirement Communities

retirement community

Change can be exciting and difficult. You weigh new opportunities with eagerness alongside feelings of uncertainty and anxiety.

You may love the thought of moving to a retirement community one minute. Then, you go back and forth about how that move might change your life. The decision-making process gets even more complicated by a few commonly believed myths such as:

Myth #1: You’ll lose a lot of freedom. The reality is you gain more independence as you can select the level of care you want. By alleviating some of your daily chores, you have more time and energy to participate in the community’s many activities. Or you can meet up with new friends for cards, walks and dinner.

Myth #2: You can only trust chains for quality care. Big companies can provide a comfortable place to live, but we suggest research, research and more research. Check a facility’s license, history of state inspections, website information, the Better Business Bureau and online records. For more information on the difference between nonprofit vs. for-profit communities, click here.

Myth #3: Residents aren’t active. Many people are worried that retirement communities are only for the sick and dying. At the Christian Village at Mason, you can drive to local activities or enjoy our wide variety of on-site programs – there are so many fitness classes, concerts, art classes and clubs to attend with on-the-go people your own age.

Myth #4: It’s okay – I’ll go with home healthcare instead. Home healthcare is an option to consider, and the industry is rapidly growing to help people stay in their homes longer. As with Myth #2, you’ll want to do extensive research and weigh all the pros and cons. Many people discover they prefer the stability and activities of an active retirement community to the possibility of inconsistent care, poorly-trained caregivers and a revolving door of helpers.

Myth #5: I may lose touch with my family. It’s easy to believe you might not see your family as much if you move. But you can choose to move closer to them and enjoy quality family time together.


“We are so happy with our life and with the many friends that have become like family to us at the Village.”
– Christian Village at Mason residents


The Christian Village at Mason difference

The Christian Village at Mason staff are dedicated to making you feel at home from the moment you arrive. We live out our motto of Service From the Heart – service that comes from compassion and a multidimensional approach to care. We invite you to visit us and see the special place we call home – schedule a tour with us today!

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