We Receive LeadingAge Ohio Spotlight Award for Palarum “Smart Sock”

Christian Village Communities uses the new Palarum PUP smart sock to help physical therapists design the best rehabilitation program possible.

LeadingAge Ohio, a nonprofit trade association that represents approximately 400 long-term care organizations and hospices, recognized Christian Village Communities (CVC) today at its annual conference and trade show with its first-ever Spotlight Award. The award was created to shine a light on CVC’s innovative use of Palarum’s PUP smart sock technology to improve patient care and rehab outcomes for its patients and residents.

“As the LeadingAge Ohio awards committee reviewed nominations from all the categories, when choosing among those in the Excellence in Innovation it became clear that we wanted to put a ‘spotlight’ on the innovative way Christian Village Communities used this new technology in a way not originally designed for by the product that brought success to their residents and patients,” said Jennifer Taylor, director of Communications and Membership for LeadingAge Ohio. “This visionary innovation was a definite WOW that left committee members wanting to know how they too could start using it in their communities.”

Smart Socks at Christian Village Communities

“Christian Village Communities in Mason and Mt. Healthy are the first in the nation to bring smart sock technology to our rehab and therapy patients,” said Lisa Cecil, RT, RN, MHA, vice president of Health Services for CVC. “When we learned of Palarum’s smart sock, we were excited about its possibilities to improve patient care and therapy outcomes. As one of the leading providers of rehabilitation in the state, we decided to be on the forefront of Palarum’s ground-breaking technology. CVC and Palarum forged a collaboration to test the therapy application of its sock. We feel honored to receive the Spotlight Award from LeadingAge Ohio. The award underscores our dedication to innovation in patient care.”

Cecil explained that alternatives do not exist to what the Palarum sock does for patients in therapy. “No other product measures step cadence and velocity,” she said. “The need is for quantifiable data that accurately measures the weight-bearing activity of patients in a therapy setting. CVC helped create a game-changer because of the therapists’ feedback and desire for more features in the sock. The therapists and Palarum’s engineers have computerized and expanded the sock into a useful, relevant tool. The sock provides critical information about the patient’s weight-bearing ability and balance that is foundational data for creating individualized therapy plans of care. Feedback from patients who have used the sock has been extremely positive. In fact, we have admitted patients that chose CVC because they have heard through the news that we are using the sock.”

“We are gratified that the rehab community in Ohio recognized the hard work and dedication that is behind the development of PUP (The Patient is UP) smart sock,” said Patrick Baker, president and CEO of Palarum. “Our collaboration with CVC has been excellent and has advanced care planning for rehab patients throughout the state of Ohio. We look forward to continuing our mutually beneficial relationship with CVC.”

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