How You Can Benefit from Short-Term Rehabilitation

short-term rehabilitation benefits

What happens when you’re ready to leave the hospital after surgery or a serious medical issue, but you’re not quite ready to be on your own again?

Your best answer: Find a short-term rehabilitation program that’s both comprehensive and comfortable.

While you may want to go home, it’s important to regain strength and mobility before settling back into the demands of your normal routine. Short-term rehab stays typically are less than 21 days and help you make a safe, comfortable transition.


The Benefits of Short-Term Rehab:

  1. Holistic treatment

    Short-term rehabilitation programs offer comprehensive nursing and therapy services to address your unique medical needs.

  2. More comfortable environment

     At a short-term rehab facility, you leave behind the completely clinical hospital experience in favor of a more comfortable environment with a variety of amenities – such as private rooms.

  3. Professional, caring staff 

    Caregiving is demanding. With short-term rehab, you significantly reduce the stress on your family and yourself as you let attentive, skilled professionals supervise your recovery.


How The Christian Village at Mason Can Help

The Grace Center for Restorative Living, our state-of-the-art facility, provides comprehensive short-term rehab care to help you be independent – and stay independent. Our skilled, compassionate nurses, along with experienced physical, occupational and speech therapists, will work with you in our practice apartment so you’re ready for a confident return home. Contact us if you would like to learn more about The Grace Center.


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