Renewal Fitness Center Class Offerings

This NEW class will help to lower your blood pressure, heart rate and slow your racing mind.  Join Erin for 30 minutes before dinner, for a peaceful, calm and untroubled time consisting of quiet music, a short devotion, breathing and light stretching in a chair.

This class offers a short warm up followed by beginner to intermediate level line dancing to a variety of music, finishing with 15 minutes of toning with dumbbell weights in a chair.  Class requires standing and dancing 80% of time and good balance.

Stretch and Strengthen starts with seated warm ups moving and stretching in a chair to gentle music, followed by deeper stretching, balancing and bending from a standing position next to a chair, finishing with a short seated cool down. Class requires standing, stretching and bending and some balance, but can be modified for sitting in a chair.

This seated cardio class offers stretching to up- beat music, followed by standing cardio movement next to a chair for a total of 30 minutes of cardio activity.  The last half of the class includes strengthening exercises using elastic tubing, dumbbells and a ball, ending with a cool down stretch. Class requires standing and will increase the heart rate with overhead arm exercises and low impact aerobic activity, but can be modified for sitting in a chair.

A seated exercise class simply moving to 40’s music.  The class consists of gentle, rhythmic movement, light stretching and light strengthening using a small, hand-held exercise ball.  This class can accommodate all levels of fitness and is 100% seated and great for someone who hasn’t exercised in a long time.

A seated and standing chair class beginning with a warm up and stretch, followed by basic balance exercises standing behind and beside a chair, finishing with seated strengthening exercises using a ball and elastic tubing and a cool down.  Class requires some standing, stretching and balance, but can be modified for sitting in a chair.

A walking class that meets in the Renewal Fitness Center.  Walking routes vary with one half mile loop down Village Drive to Western Row Rd. and returning to the Center on Crescent, and another loop that starts at the Renewal Center and continues around the main building along the sidewalk for almost a half mile.  It is possible to finish a full mile in 45 minutes. During bad weather the walk takes place in the Garden Apartment hallways. Class requires continuous walking with opportunities to sit on benches along route.  Residents may use their canes and walkers.

A seated class that meets in the Renewal Fitness Center.  Brain “exercises” include a variety of brain games and quizzes that boost memory, reasoning and creativity.  The setting is relaxed and social seated at tables.