Retired Mason City Schools teacher brings music and laughter

Retired Mason teacher Doug Parrot brings joy and smiles to Christian Village at Mason residents through his music.

Retired Mason City Schools teacher Doug Parrot is definitely a highlight of our assisted living activities calendar. With a maraca in hand, he is sure to make anyone smile.

About once a month, Doug brings an array of maracas, tambourines, wood blocks and bells into The Christian Village at Mason. He passes out instruments to the residents so they can contribute to the musical production. For the next half hour, a mixture of music and laughs echo throughout the living space.

Doug retired five years ago from being a first-grade music teacher at Mason Early Childhood Center. Since then, he’s played music with special needs children throughout Warren County and taught classes for the City Gospel Mission.

“When I retired, I didn’t just want to sit on the porch and wave and watch the world go by,” Parrot said. “My spiritual gifts are teaching and encouraging, and God called me to continue that.”

Doug started bringing his music to The Christian Village at Mason in fall 2017 after his mom moved here in 2013.

“She loves The Christian Village at Mason,” Parrot said. “My wife and I tease that we only have certain windows of the day when we can call her because she is never in her room. She is always out doing activities.”

Doug not only loves to put a smile on the residents’ faces, but he also enjoys getting the staff to help in the production.

“The working staff – these people are heroes day in and day out,” Parrot said. “It brightens their day as well.”

Doug is just one of the incredible people who devotes some of their free time to making our residents feel special. We’ve hosted several recent concerts from volunteers in the community on top of an already full schedule. We appreciate Doug and all our amazing volunteers!

If you – or someone you know – wants to help our residents, we have opportunities for both adults and teenage volunteers. Visit our Volunteer page to fill out an online application.

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