First in World to Offer The Include Platform™, a Breakthrough Digital Health & Wellness Platform

The Christian Village at Mason is the first senior living organization to offer The Include Platform for improved wellness outcomes.

Local non-profit retirement community, The Christian Village at Mason (CVM) is the first senior living organization in the world to offer The Include Platform, an internationally recognized digital health & wellness platform that pairs inclusive fitness equipment with integrated cloud software to improve outcomes while lowering barriers and costs. The Access Strength™ is IncludeHealth’s transformative inclusive functional trainer that removes physical and cognitive barriers found in traditional equipment, providing an equal platform of fitness for all ages and abilities.

“When I heard of The Access Strength, I immediately thought of our residents and how it would give those with physical impairment the ability to exercise and stay fit,” said Lisa Cecil, Vice President of Health Services for Christian Village Communities. “At The Christian Village at Mason, we want to be on the forefront of cutting edge technologies that enhance health & wellness.”

How The Include Platform began

Described as fitness infused with inclusivity and technology, this revolutionary platform helps make staying healthy and fit easier for people of ALL abilities. Ryan Eder, the CEO of IncludeHealth and creator of The Access Strength, was initially inspired by an observation at his gym one day.

“I saw a man in a wheelchair relentlessly struggle while exercising and I thought that there needed to be a system that was universally much easier to use for the ENTIRE population.” remarked Mr. Eder.

From this observation, The Access Strength was born. After Mr. Eder solved physical accessibility, he grew concerned around cognitive accessibility. He wondered how would people know what to do, how much to do, and keep track of their exercise? This was the seed for his software, The IncludeCloud, which is the digital compliment to The Access Strength.

When asked about The IncludeCloud software, Ryan said: “As our equipment progressed, we realized there was an opportunity to not just offer inclusivity in the space, but digitize it leading to transformative capabilities in objective outcomes-based data collection, automated documentation and cloud collaboration. This combination of inclusive hardware and integrated software enables us to truly transform the way we deliver care and provide higher quality services, improved outcomes, lowered barriers and reduced costs.”

The purchase of The Include Platform for The Christian Village at Mason was possible by multi-source funding through a private organization’s grant, a private donation and a generous gift by The Christian Village at Mason’s Auxiliary.

After months of eager anticipation, The Christian Village at Mason recently installed The Include Platform and residents are eager to see the benefits from this amazing digital health & wellness ecosystem.