Hamilton County and CVMH: WeTHRIVE! Together

Hamilton County and CVMH: WeTHRIVE! Together

In spring 2016, The Christian Village at Mt. Healthy was approached by the WeTHRIVE! organization at the department of Public Health in Hamilton County to collaborate on a project to serve older adults in the community. After a series of meetings with Coordinator Monica Lubiani, we decided to offer a gardening program for older adults on the CVMH campus.

We are proud to be a partner with this terrific organization. WeTHRIVE! assisted in securing donations of potting soil, hand tools and gloves from Home Depot. The CVMH campus purchased two beautiful raised garden beds.

In collaboration with WeTHRIVE1, we offered monthly classes at our campus from June through September to encourage our residents and older adults in the community to learn more about gardening and provide for social connections. Class topics included butterflies, composting and cooking with fresh vegetables.

The mission of Hamilton County Public Health’s WeTHRIVE! Initiative is: Create a culture of health, safety and vitality throughout Hamilton County.

WeTHRIVE! is a county-wide initiative that began in 2009 to make healthy living easier. Hamilton County Public Health engaged schools, businesses, churches, elected officials and residents to address chronic disease by increasing access to healthy foods and physical activity opportunities, while decreasing exposure to secondhand smoke.

This collaboration resulted in numerous policy and environmental changes that will have a lasting impact in our communities. As a result, Hamilton County Public Health expanded the focus of WeTHRIVE! in 2014 to include additional pathways to improve the overall health of a community.

The six WeTHRIVE! initiative pathways are:

  • Chronic Disease
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Environmental Health
  • Injury Prevention
  • Social Health
  • Substance Use and Abuse Prevention

Please see the WeThrive! website for more information: http://www.watchusthrive.org


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