5 Reasons Seniors Should Embrace Social Media

5 reasons seniors should embrace social media

Seniors are embracing Facebook, Twitter and YouTube more and more. Maybe you’re already part of this community and have a Facebook account, which is the most popular social media website. Or maybe you’ve been tempted to see what all the buzz is about, but aren’t sure where to start. Now’s a great time to take a tour of all the possibilities on your computer, tablet or phone!

Stay in touch with family

Connecting with your loved ones is what really puts the “social” in social media. With Facebook, it’s so easy to get regular updates on your children, grandchildren and friends. You can browse posts and enjoy their daily “slice of life” photos, plus share in special events like school dances, sporting events and award ceremonies. By making comments and sending congratulations, your family also knows that you’re thinking of them.

Online savings

Who doesn’t like to save money? Whether you’re on a fixed income or not, social media is rich with opportunities for deals, freebies and extra savings. See where you can get the most bang for your time and interest. Try a few of these places to start and then keep following the money trail:

  • A companies’ Facebook pages for coupons
  • Twitter – where both companies and users share coupons
  • Groupon communities

Stay up to date

Through Twitter, you can follow your favorite business and government leaders, authors and journalists for both breaking news and their insight on lots of topics. Many people share links to news articles and blogs that you can read up on to stay up to date on your favorite topics.


In between all the activities at the Village, you can find more entertainment through social media. YouTube can make you laugh with Funny Cats, daytime or late-night talk show segments or just plain silly things like what it’s like to be inside a six-foot air balloon. With Pinterest, you can find and share recipes, gardening ideas, craft projects and other great ideas.

Share, share and share some more

Share and view videos and photos through Flickr, Facebook and Twitter. Facebook has the most followers and the most photos to see (around 1 billion active users and 350 million photos uploaded every day), but Flickr has easy tools to upload photos, organize them into photo albums and share on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

More Information

The Christian Village at Mason is dedicated to helping our residents stay healthy and happy. Visit our website or on social media at Facebook or Twitter for continued updates.


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