5 Fall Décor Ideas to Ring in the New Season

5 Fall Décor Ideas to Ring in the New Season

It’s that time of the year again…the sun is setting earlier, school is starting back up, and before we know it the leaves will start changing. There is no better way to ring in the new season than redecorating and turning your home into a cozy, autumn oasis, so here are 5 fall decor ideas you’ll want to try immediately!

The fall season offers endless décor possibilities from warm colors of orange, red, and yellows to natural accents like pumpkins and greenery. Home décor is the perfect way to make your home feel inviting while offering a creative outlet to express yourself. These fall décor ideas will make any home feel cozy and require no interior design expertise!

Bold Accent Colors

As we all know, fall is known for warm colors of orange and yellow, but the perfect way to spice up the fall decorations you’ve collected throughout the years is to add some creative accent colors. We suggest using dark blues and golds as an accent to the vibrant shades of orange and red. The cool tones will offset the vibrancy of the warm shades and the gold will bring it all together, offering a modern but colorful look. Get creative by adding blue and gold throw pillows to your furniture or consider using these colors for accents at your dining table. Guests will love the range of colors and feel the warm autumn glow radiating from your décor.

DIY Candlestick Holders

The key to a well-decorated home rests in the details, and candlestick holders are the perfect DIY fall project. Candlestick holders can work as centerpieces, accents for a mantle, or window decorations. These miniature pumpkin candlestick holders cost less than $6 and take under 5 minutes to create! Check out this blog for a step-by-step tutorial on how to make mini pumpkins candlestick holders. Get creative by adding your different candles, mixing up the color of the pumpkins, and trying out unique greenery accents!

Fall Foliage

As the seasons change, take the opportunity to switch out your summer favorites for some fall classics like mums or pansies. Chrysanthemums offer a variety of fall colors to brighten your garden and ring in the new season. Consider adding some purple fountain grass to accent the bright shades of mums or pansies.  Crotons are another great option to add some greenery and a pop of color; these plants can also withstand the cooler temperatures and will return each year! Fall foliage will make the outside of your home equally beautiful as the inside, and here’s a list of foliage to fit the season.

Wool Accents

As the cooler temperatures start to set in, wool blankets and pillows can make your home feel cozier than ever. Adding a wool blanket to your couch or replacing floral throw pillows with deep fall colors like orange or red can change the entire feel of a room. The subtle wool tones will add warmth to your room and perfectly match the brighter tones of pumpkins or fall leaves.

DIY Fall Lantern

Lanterns are a great decoration catered to fit every season of the year, especially fall! Fill a lantern with some greenery, pinecones, or candles to make a simple but creative decoration. Place the lanterns as a centerpiece, patio decoration, or mantle accent to bring a cozy glow to any room. You can fill the lantern to match the rest of your fall decorations by adding greenery or candles coordinated with other colors in the room. Check out this article for some inspiration on how to decorate your lantern for the fall season!

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