5 Helpful Tips for Downsizing

5 tips to downsize

It’s that time of year. In the cold weather months, we all look around our living spaces and think about going through accumulated things. You may be considering a move to a life plan community like The Christian Village at Mason and going through and getting rid of items that have been collected over decades can seem like an overwhelming task.

Downsizing. The word is daunting even for Marie Kondo aficionados. We spend our whole life accumulating stuff to then slowly give it away to fit into smaller quarters. But, it doesn’t need to be painful. It can be healthy and exciting. It’s part of preparing for a new home and another chapter of your life.

Although downsizing can be uncomfortable at first, here are some tips to help with the process.

How to start downsizing

  1. Make a plan

Start by getting out your calendar. Downsizing requires a few days of productivity so plan ahead to make sure you have enough time. Try to define goals for each day and write down who needs to be involved. Let your friends and family know that you may need help early on.

  1. Make a list

Before you walk around your house and start pulling things out, it may be helpful to sit down and write out the possessions you want to take. If you can think of it, it may be important. But if you can’t think of them now, will you really miss them when they’re gone?

  1. Start with the unsentimental stuff

Get on a roll first. It’s easier to part with unsentimental things. Maybe start with the kitchen or the garage and work your way into the living room and bedroom.

  1. Don’t dispose of things immediately

It’s okay not to throw away your things immediately. If they are out of sight, you may find you really don’t need them. Once you have lived without them for a few weeks and are confident you don’t need them, then pitch it. You may even find that you are much happier living with less stuff around you.

  1. Find new owners for your belongings

It can be hard to part with something without knowing it will be put to use. See if you can donate items or if friends or family may need something you are giving away. It can be easier to say goodbye if you know someone else will enjoy them. And if you can’t give it away, recycling is always a great option!

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